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Teaching our children how to express themselves in a positive way through reading.

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want our kids to grow-up to be happy and healthy adults. But, today's children are under great stress and pressure. They are learning how to fit-in and understand the world around them. They have fears and uncontrollable emotions that they don't understand. Some children just emotionally and mentally shut-down or rebel against parents, teachers and society. They have to learn how to survive in a world that is not so nice at times.

Mother and Son

At school, children face peer pressure and bullying daily. Some children have trouble expressing themselves and controlling their anger.

Boy Coloring

What makes this book, The Adventures of Cotton Sinclair Pegasus Island so unique is it teaches children how to express their feelings and emotions openly. It also teaches children how to control their fears and emotions in a positive way. This book can help parents, teachers and educators spark great conversation with children on peer pressure and bullying at home and in the classroom.

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My mission in writing this book is to help children become better readers and to help them release their inner voices; to be free to express their feelings through reading at home and in the classroom. I also hope this book can be a catalyst in teaching children how to love themselves and love and respect others.

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