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I was inspired to write an educational, adventure chapter book that tells the story through rhymes and songs for young readers.  The book allows the reader or audience to periodically interact with the story.   The idea is to keep the audience interested and engaged, to make reading enjoyable. This book has a different approach to reading, encouraging conversation and participation at home and in the classroom.   I believe this method is a valuable educational tool that will help children become better readers and make reading fun.  

The Adventures of Cotton Sinclair Pegasus Island

The book is full of lively, interesting and funny characters.  It teaches the importance of friendship and treating others with love, kindness and respect. Children can compare the story to their life experiences.  At the end, children will learn valuable life lessons.  The Adventures of Cotton Sinclair Pegasus Island is a delightful and entertaining adventure story for all ages.


To learn more about The Adventures of Cotton Sinclair Pegasus Island visit my blog, Helping Children Become Better Learners Through Reading,



Illustrations by: Lisa Falkenstern

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